aka – The Wifi Man

Lakeside View

In 2019  I was looking for holiday home and a plot of land to build on as I wanted something different from the norm. It was then that I came across a listing for the Lakes. Intrigued, I made an appointment and came to have a look around.

I was expecting the standard type of holiday home park but what a surprise.

I was given a guided tour of the owners lodge and the extensive nature reserve and lakes. Discussing the designs I was pleased that , within certain limitations, I could pretty much have any layout that I wanted.

Revisiting the following day my decision was made and the reserve deposit paid.

The design process then started. Layout finalised, roof style decided, internal and external colours chosen. Details of heating, electrical layout then needed to be decided upon. I was guided through all of this by Rob Sheriden which made what seemed to be a daunting process very easy.

During this process the option of fitting solar panels to lodge was discussed and decided upon. This was a big learning curve for both Rob and myself. The panels were installed during the build of the lodge and have proved to be a worthwhile investment (even more so with recent electricity price rises).

I also decided to opt for an air source heat pump in place of a gas boiler making my lodge very eco friendly.

Frisby Lakes Phase 1 plan

I’ve been here for nearly 2 years and every morning I still feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful and friendly place.

Lodge Photos