Joyce & Pete

aka – The Madhatters

Roadside Retreat 

Our journey to Frisby Lakes Luxury Lodge Park first began in 2017. Having down sized from our home in Fleckney, we moved into a ground floor apartment in the next village, Kibworth Harcourt. We thought it was the right move for us as we wanted to spend more time away in our touring caravan. However, neither of us could really settle and started to research other options. We spotted an advertisement for the lodge park and decided to check it out. At that time, there was only one lodge completed which was occupied by Dave and Caryl Pell. Caryl kindly showed us around their beautiful home and explained the future plans for the site. We both loved the lodge and the concept.

I was immediately hooked but Pete was hesitant, especially about investing our hard earned money in a timber building. Due to his uncertainty, we decided to put the idea onto the back burner for a while. However, the idea never left us and in January 2019, we visited the site again and enjoyed a walk around the nature reserve and the lake with one of the owners, Rob Sheridan who answered all of our questions, and fully explained the procedure. We returned home with our heads buzzing to make our final decision. Within a few weeks, our minds were made up and on 2nd April, our property was valued and placed on the market for sale and on 13th April 2019, we paid our holding deposit on Plot 28.

The next few weeks were spent designing our lodge with a lot of help and advice from Rob. However, we could not proceed any further until our apartment was sold. In September 2019, an offer was made to us which unfortunately fell through in late November. We were extremely disappointed and frustrated but Rob and Sharon were very supportive and finally another buyer was found and on 22nd May 2020, contracts were exchanged and we were able to pay the first stage payment on the lodge.  We were so excited and happy that at last our dream home was ordered.

On 22nd September 2020, the logs arrived and the building process began. We eagerly watched each stage over the following two months and finally moved in on 22nd November 2020.

Apart from a few teething problems, which were dealt with to our satisfaction, we are delighted with our lodge. We love watching the birds, walking around the lakes, growing our own vegetables in this beautiful environment and a big bonus is that the lodges have increased in value. We cannot think of anywhere better to spend our retirement.

Frisby Lakes Phase 1 plan

It is the best decision we have made to take the plunge and move to this beautiful place. We have wonderful, like-minded neighbours, have made many friends and enjoyed fun evenings together, in fact every day feels like we are on holiday.

Lodge Photos