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Why buy a holiday lodge at Frisby Lakes Lodge Park?
For sustainability, financial and ecological, and for the lifestyle! Our park is a friendly community designed for the over 45s. Ideally suited for people who want a safe base from which to enjoy their relaxation time and who want the security and peace of mind of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals. A 99-year lease and the security of knowing that owners on the park will all have to comply with the same ethos as existing owners.
Do I need a solicitor?
The lodges are bought directly from the Park, so you do not need to employ a solicitor to buy as no conveyancing takes place, due to the fact that you are not purchasing the land that the holiday home is sited on.  You will be entering into a legal agreement with Finlog Developments Limited, the Park Operator, to have the Lodge located at Frisby Lakes Lodge Park on a 99-year renewable lease, so you may wish to seek clarification over the terms and conditions of the agreement with your own solicitor. We will happily supply draft documents for this purpose.
Are pets allowed?

Yes, Frisby Lakes welcomes a maximum of two friendly and well-behaved dogs. As long as you ensure they do not cause a nuisance to other lodge owners. As Frisby Lakes do everything they can to encourage wildlife, I’m afraid cats are not allowed.

Can I rent my Holiday Home out?

No, all lodges are for the private use of owners only.

Is Frisby Lakes Lodge Park licensed?
Yes, the park has a 365-day holiday licence and is licensed by the local authority. Copies of licences are available to view upon request.
What documentation should I receive?
The Licence Agreement is the most important document you will receive as it sets out the terms on which you are entitled to keep your holiday home on the park and explains your rights in law. This agreement is transferred to the new occupier if/whenever a lodge is sold in the park.  You will also receive a copy of the Park Rules, which are to ensure the smooth running of the park.
Do I have to pay commission to the park owner if I sell?
Yes. The payment of commission on the sale recognises the park owner’s investment and interest in the land and park infrastructure. The current maximum commission rate is fixed at 10%. When a home is sold, the purchaser acquires the home itself (which they then own outright) together with the right to station it on the park owner’s land granted upon assignment of the Licence Agreement. Upon sale, the lease will be granted on a 99-year basis (small legal fee may be payable).
Can a lodge be adapted for a disabled person?
Yes. The beauty of a Finlog holiday home is that they can be finished to your own particular needs, so we can arrange the installation of ramps and handrails for access, if necessary.
Do I get a guarantee?
Yes, all Finlog lodges are built to exceed BS3632 and are guaranteed for 10 years, subject to conditions.
Are services connected?

Water, sewerage, LPG piped gas and electricity are all connected.  They are metered and charged quarterly.  Mini Sky television dishes and television aerials are allowed to be erected in discrete positions.

What is the process to buy a Holiday Lodge at Frisby Lakes?

Once you have selected your plot you can choose to leave a £2,000 reservation deposit.  We can then work with you to design your own individual lodge.  When you are ready to proceed, you pay 40%, this is when we order your logs from Finland.  This could be anything from 6-12 weeks depending on the season.  The logs will be delivered to the site and the build will commence, a further 40% will be due at this point.  You are welcome to visit during the construction phase and when your new cabin is ready for you, the remaining 20% is payable.  You can then start to take advantage of your wonderful new lifestyle.

Is stamp duty applicable?
No. Stamp duty is a tax payable on a transfer, conveyance or lease of land and you do not own the land where the home is sited, so no stamp duty is payable.  You will, of course, own the holiday home.
Can children live at Frisby Lakes?
We are afraid not. Our park is designed for the over 45s, so children are not allowed long term, however, they are welcome to visit for holidays, weekends or sleepovers.
What is a pitch fee?

The pitch fee or ground rent of £3600 including broadband line rental is charged annually and covers the running costs associated with the business. This includes the upkeep of communal areas, security and park facilities. The pitch fee can only be increased on a pre-set date and in line with your agreement, which is strictly governed to prevent park owners from increasing the fee in an arbitrary way.

Is Council Tax payable?
No, because this is a holiday home.  You must be registered for voting and postal services at a primary address.
Can my lodge be re-sold?
Yes, After the valuation, you must offer it to the park owners first and should they decline you can then sell on the open market, although we will vet your prospective buyer and they must be 45 or over.
Can a lodge be passed on in a will?
Yes. The home can be passed on just like any other possession. If the home is left to a spouse or partner who is in occupation, the surviving partner will inherit the rights and can continue to live in the park. If the inheritor is under 45 they cannot move into the home but they can sell the home on the open market. The 10% commission is not payable at the time the home is inherited but would be payable when the home is sold.
Are log homes economic to run?
Yes. The solid log lodges are built to very high standards and often require less energy than traditionally built homes. They are double-glazed  (triple glazing is an option) and exceed BS3632 which requires high levels of insulation for year-round occupation.
How much maintenance is required?
A new Finlog Lodge is likely to need little or no maintenance during the first 10 years, other than external painting every 2 – 4 years. As with all properties, the guttering should be checked and cleaned regularly but other than personal changes, maintenance is extremely low.
Are services connected?
Water, sewerage, LPG piped gas and electricity are all connected.  They are metered and charged quarterly.  Mini Sky television dishes and television aerials are allowed to be erected in discrete positions.